Short, sharp and to the point – finding the right words to tell your research story and bring it to life

Visualise Your Thesis | Online Training

Whether it’s Visualise Your Thesis, the Three Minute Thesis competition or even just a presentation in the lab, these days onus is graduate researchers to be able to tell their research stories and sell their ideas in exciting, compelling, dynamic ways in relatively short periods of time.

Learning outcomes:

Participants in this session will get an idea of where to find the stories in their research and how to bring them to life and communicate them to a non-specialist audience.


Simon Clews is writer, editor, arts and literary event organiser and specialist trainer in written and oral communication.

He currently is an Honorary (Senior Fellow) at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, prior to which he spent fifteen years as the Director of the Melbourne Engagement Lab at Melbourne University and fourteen years as Festival Director/CEO of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. His book designed to help academics write, communicate and engage with the outside world, titled The New Academic, will be published by NewSouth Books in February of next year.

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