Effective Visual Presentations (Visualise Your Thesis)

Room 453, Level 4, Arts West Building (North Wing)


Effective Visual Presentations

This session has been developed for Graduate Researchers registered in the 2019 Visualise Your Thesis competition, however, the key principles could be applied to all presentations and conference poster design. Please register using your unimelb email address for verification purposes.

Poorly designed slides and other visuals can detract from even the best content, affecting the way your research and its findings or conclusions are perceived. Well designed visuals will support and clarify your arguments, and persuade your audience to believe in your ideas.

In this session, you will learn what NOT to do when creating slides and presentations, as well as some basic design principles to help you better communicate your data.

This session will help you:

  • Understand why poorly designed resources can distract or confuse your audience and affect the way an argument is perceived.
  • Learn techniques for using typography and creating images
  • Identify information design principles for communicating data

Presenter: Anitra Nottingham. Anitra is currently a Senior Advisor of Learning and Teaching at RMIT Online, and was previously the Online Director and Co-Chair of the School of Graphic Design and Digital Media at the Academy of Art University (AAU) San Francisco. She has taught graphic design since 2002, and has created and taught various classes on research methods, information design, branding, typography, and design history.

This event is funded by the SSAF Grant.