Text mining – Insights on extracting meaning from words

Dulcie Hollyock Room - Ground Floor - Baillieu Library


An expert panel will explore the use of text mining as an increasingly important research method in both the academic and corporate sectors. Panel members include researchers currently using and providing training in  text mining as part of their research practice and a librarian who will look at the some of the support and licencing implications of applying text analysis methods to third party content.  Each panel member will provide a brief overview of text mining from their perspective before coming together for a facilitated discussion with the opportunity for questions from the floor.

Presenters: Daniel Gill, Daniel Russo-Batterham and Ashley Sutherland

Daniel Russo-Batterham

From 2011 to 2013, Dr Daniel Russo-Batterham worked as a researcher at the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours, France, while completing a Master of Music. In April 2018, he graduated from his PhD at the University of Melbourne where he examined seventeenth-century lute songs, with a particular focus on the relationship between text and music. Daniel is currently participating in the Digital Studio internship program at the university, where he is using digital tools to examine Australian and French trench literature from the First World War. He has been using python to analyse music and text for the past five years and continues to be involved with a range of Digital Humanities projects in Australia and France.

Daniel Gil

Daniel is a Computer Scientist pursuing a Master in Data Science at the University of Melbourne, he has 10+ years of experience in the industry and has been involved in IT projects in different industries like banking, airlines and manufacturing. Daniel is currently working with the Research Platform Services helping researchers to get involved with text mining technologies like the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK).
Daniel's motto is  "Changing the world through small pieces of software... Understanding it through large volumes of data"

Ashley Sutherland

Ashley Sutherland is the Arts Faculty Librarian at the University of Melbourne, leading the team of liaison librarians that support the Arts Faculty in both Research and Learning and Teaching. She has held a number of roles at the University Library: Senior Librarian: Digital Learning Technologies, Liaison Librarian and Professional Library Cadet. Ashley is also a professional musician, and has performed with many orchestras, including the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra, and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra.