Presenting to camera masterclass

Old Geology South - Building 156 - Studio 1. Enter via Monash Rd.


An in-studio session providing practical advice for delivering an effective and engaging presentation to camera.

This masterclass will guide you through the process of how you can effectively and engagingly present to camera.

Participants will learn how to present key messages to ensure they engage their audience’s attention and keep them involved throughout.

Advice and tips about what to wear, body language, facial expressions and how to use your voice effectively are some of the topics that will be covered. You will have the opportunity to practice presenting to camera and will receive feedback from the session host on your performance upon request.

Presenter: Andy Balloch

Andy teaches intro to improv at RMIT, advanced improv at Laugh-master's Academy, has taught and coached levels 1-3 at The Improv Conspiracy, is currently directing Victorian Avant-Gard Artists Society for MICF, and is one half of, and producer of, The Sparrow Men, Melbourne's premier improv duo.