How the Look Felt: Data visualization, research and engagement with Deb Verhoeven

Singapore Theatre, Melbourne School of Design.


This session explores data visualisation practice, and encourages investigation of the various purposes of visualisation for research. Deb Verhoeven, Associate Dean of Engagement and Innovation (UTS) will share her stories about collaboration, partnerships, and support for visualisation research and engagement and will detail how to cultivate expert support networks for ongoing success.

Presenter: Deb Verhoeven

Deb Verhoeven is Associate Dean (Engagement and Innovation) in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS. Professor Verhoeven is a leading international proponent of the Digital Humanities. Her research addresses the vast amounts of newly available ‘cultural data’ that has enabled unprecedented computational analysis in the humanities. In April 2019 she will take up a Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender and Cultural Informatics at the University of Alberta where she will use machine learning and crowdsourcing to create an open-linked, open data knowledge base of feminist content sourced from a wide range of Canadian cultural collections.

Image credits: Stuart Palmer and Deb Verhoeven