Data @Melbourne: current and future services

Malaysian Theatre, Melbourne School of Design


All research generates, collects and shares files, materials, digital data and records. How are you going with managing all of this? The University provides a range of resources and services in support of research data management and to aid in disseminating “stuff” beyond the standard publications, e.g. collections, data, visual presentations. Come and hear from the University services you can leverage, all in one session. We’ll also share some developments that are on the near horizon to provide even better support in this area.

Presenters: Peter Neish, Jared Winton, Lyle Winton, Catherine Nie and Chris Stueven

Peter Neish is the Research Data Curator, Digital Scholarship at the University of Melbourne. He works across the University in partnership with researchers on a wide range of data management projects. He has interests in data management training, planning and data forensics. The University's Data Forensics Lab, which Peter leads, won the 2016 VALA Award. Peter has previously worked at the Victorian Parliamentary Library and the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, using his background as a researcher and computer scientist to make databases and information more available, standards-based and linked. He has contributed to national and international data initiatives and transfer standards.

Jared Winton is the Collections Manager in Research Platform Services assisting researcher to use University services to management and use their data. Jared over 10 years of experience working on research projects across software development to leading a team of software engineers and project managers.

Dr Lyle Winton has over 15 years of experience in research infrastructure having worked within universities and on state, national, and international initiatives. Lyle also has a research background in experimental physics involving large-scale collaborations, with significant challenges in sharing knowledge, data and computational power. Currently Lyle is the Manager of Digital Scholarship within the University of Melbourne Library, as well as the Manager of an informatics platform supporting digital research in Arts and Education. These activities involve the development and evolution of services and platforms to support research in the digital age.

Catherine Nie is one of three Research Integrity Officers at the University of Melbourne. Her main role is to provide support for the University’s response to concerns about research conduct. Catherine is also involved in the development and implementation of education initiatives in research integrity.

Chris Stueven is a Records Analyst in the Legal & Risk portfolio of University Services. Chris provides data and information management expertise to support the effective and compliant management of records to enable research, teaching and learning.

Image sourced from TheDigitalArtist via Pixabay (CC0)