Altmetrics in the Creative Arts (Southbank)

Southbank: Digital Studio, Hub Building


Alternative metrics, or ‘Altmetrics’, help track views, mentions, and downloads of research outputs. In the creative arts, research outputs not only include journal articles and books, but also incorporate other formats including performances, productions and exhibitions. Altmetrics can therefore be utilised to form a better picture of how great an impact a researcher’s output has made. This is a hands on workshop, that will assist researchers in understanding what altmetrics are, how they are collected and measured, and how they are interpreted. A number of altmetric tools will be explored, and there will also be tips on enhancing altmetrics using social media.

Location Details: Ground floor of Hub Building (bldg 863), Digital Studio (room 105) is accessed next to the temporary Lenton Parr Library.

Presenters: Nathan Parry, Julie Cohen