Managing information and data

Managing information

Managing references, research notes and articles

Research data management planning

Good research data management will keep your data safe, ensure verification of research outcomes, support future research and enables sharing and reuse of research data.

  • The Digital Scholarship team provides research data management support. Customised training in research data management is available.
  • The Research Data Management website provides data management plan templates and checklists.
  • Managing Data @Melbourne is the University's research data management training program. It consists of six short modules, which outline the fundamental practices of good data management. Develop the skills you need to draft your research data management plan. Access the program here.

Survey tools

The University of Melbourne provides all staff and research students with premium access to Qualtrics, an online survey tool.

Statistical tools

Statistical and Mathematical Software Guide: Find software available on campus, purchase licensed copies and access training opportunities. This guide includes support materials and further reading.

Specialised archival and information management tools

  • The eScholarship Research Centre (ESRC) has developed a number of specialised tools all of which are available under license at no cost for non-commercial, heritage and public good purposes.
  • Online Heritage Resource Manager (OHRM) – this contextual information framework mapping system includes archival and published material, photographs, audio and video. It presents these as static and dynamic HTML pages, typically in the form of online encyclopedias or registers.
  • Heritage Documentation Management System (HDMS) – a suite of archival tools to process and manage collections or records. Printed and HTML finding aids can be produced from the archival documentation and administrative information held in the HDMS. The finding aids are focused on providing researchers with information about a 'collection' of records and their context.

Responsible conduct of research

The Research Ethics and Integrity team assists researchers with issues relating to the responsible conduct of research and research ethics, including legal and compliance obligations that may impact on your project.

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