Finding Information

Ideas and opportunities

Need help locating published research?

Check our Subject Research Guides

These guides have been designed by specialist librarians and list key subject and interdisciplinary databases that index the published research literature.

Stay up-to-date with citation databases

Check citations to your articles and find highly cited research and influential papers.

Read research that makes the news

Explore Minerva Access

A repository of the University of Melbourne research outputs.

Other resources

Looking for a collaborator?

Melbourne Research Windows is a starting point for researchers seeking to:

  • Find researchers focusing on similar areas of research at the University
  • Find potential collaborators and build collaboration networks
  • Identify the research strengths and achievements of researchers at Melbourne.
  • Find an expert – search for University of Melbourne researchers by name or research topic
  • Research Data Australia can be used to find research data collections at Melbourne. Researchers can browse the registry for projects and datasets to discover potential collaborators.

Keeping up-to-date

  • Staying current: a guide with tips on keeping up-to-date with new research with journal and book alerts, RSS feeds, journal Table of Contents and conference alerts.

Want more research support from the library?

  • Get literature review assistance or discuss your research-specific information needs in a one-on-one research consultation with library professionals. Consultations are tailored to your needs and experience.

Workshop and seminar program

  • The University Library provides a range of workshops and seminars to help researchers develop their library research skills. Workshops cover topics ranging from literature searching and managing your references and data to publishing strategically and tracking impact.

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