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You may need to consult more than one section to accurately represent the source used. (eg. Number of authors and source descriptions)

Format for in text citation

In text citation example

…environmental considerations.(15)

Format for reference list

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

15. Author. Title of article. Title of Journal [Medium]. Date of publication [Date cited]; Volume(Issue):Page numbers. DOI.

Reference list example

15. Welch JB. The dual sustainability of wind energy. Renew Sust Energ Rev [Internet]. 2009 [cited 2010 Jan 5];13(5):1121-6. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2008.05.001.

Style notes for this referencing type

  • Medium = [Internet]
  • Where pagination is not provided, calculate the length of the document in terms of print pages, screens or paragraphs and place in square brackets.

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