Journal articles

For a journal series organised by volume number, use round brackets around the publication year. When a journal series does not use volume numbers, square brackets are used for the publication year. See Rule 5.4.

Format for footnotes

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

First-name Surname, 'Article Title' (Year) Volume(Issue) Journal Title Starting Page, Pinpoint.

First-name Surname, 'Article Title' [Year] (Issue) Journal Title Starting Page, Pinpoint.


Simon Deakin, ‘A new paradigm for labour law?’ (2007) 31(3) Melbourne University Law Review 1161, 1164 – 1165.

John Kleinig, 'Paternalism and Personal Integrity’ [1983] (3) Bulletin of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy 27.

Format for subsequent references

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Author Surname (n Footnote Number) Pinpoint.


Deakin (n 17) 1165.

Format for bibliography

Elements, punctuation & capitalisation

Surname, First-name, ‘Article Title’ (Year) Volume(Issue) Journal title Starting page

Surname, First-name, 'Article Title' [Year] (Issue) Journal Title Starting Page


Deakin, Simon, ‘A new paradigm for labour law?’ (2007) 31(3) Melbourne University Law Review 1161

Kleinig, John, 'Paternalism and Personal Integrity’ [1983] (3) Bulletin of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy 27

Style notes for this reference type

  • For two or three authors, use the names of all authors, using 'and' to separate the names of the last two authors. If there are more than three authors, use the name of the first author followed by 'et al'. See Rule 4.1.2.
  • For subsequent references to a journal article, use the first author's surname with a cross reference to the original footnote number. If using the surname is ambiguous or confusing, you can use a short title. See Rule 1.4.
  • The full title of the journal should appear in italics and should not be abbreviated, unless the journal title starts with 'the’ (this can be omitted). Do not include journal subtitles unless removing them creates ambiguity. See Rule 5.5.
  • The full title of the journal should be italicised, 'the' should not be included at the start of the journal title
  • The starting page is the number of the first page of an article. This should follow the title of the journal

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