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Advanced: the citation style editor

Start editing your own citation styles with the open-source Citation Style Editor. To get started we recommend this tutorial.

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Bibliography. An alphabetical list of all the sources that you have consulted and cited in your work. It is sometimes used interchangeably with a reference list, however, a reference list usually includes only those sources that you have cited.

Browser plug-in/ bookmarklet. An add-in for your browser that performs a specific function. Reference management plug-ins allow you to add references quickly by extracting information from websites and databases. Also, see web scraper.

Cloud. Online file storage and applications, for example, services such as OneDrive, GoogleDrive or Dropbox.

Collection. Your collection of references and attachments. This may also be referred to as a Library in some programs.

Footnotes. Some citation styles, such as Chicago A, place citations in footnotes and include a corresponding bibliography at the end of the document.

In-text citation. Author-date styles contain citations in the body of text, in the form of the author's surname, followed by the date, and page numbers where relevant. The citation appears in brackets. For example, (Smith 2017, 56). Each in-text citation must have a corresponding entry in the reference list.

Library. Your collection of references and attachments. This may also be referred to as a Collection in some programs.

Reference list. An alphabetical list of all of the sources cited in your work. It is similar to a bibliography, but a reference list generally only contains the sources you have cited, and does not include those you have consulted but not cited.

Reference manager. A software program that allows you to save and organise references and auto-generate citations and bibliographies/reference lists in given word processors.

Web scraper. A piece of software that can extract information from websites and save this to your reference manager.