Bibliography output

Referencing Styles for LaTeX

The below are a few examples of different bibliographic style commands within LaTeX. If these do not suit or you would like to explore other options, is the official LaTeX archive containing official and user-generated packages and items (including many more bibliographic styles).

Care needs to be taken with user-contributed styles as they may not match the style name exactly. Many are slightly different based on a contributors need. Test any non-journal style by using it with a large BibTeX database and compare the resulting bibliography to the official style.

In-Built Bibliography styles

The following two commands are used to create bibliography/reference list:



The in-built bibliography styles in LaTeX include:bibliography styles

more bibliography styles

Natbib package

Although the seven built-in bibliography styles work, they can often be clunky to use and change between.

Through the use of the Natbib package in the preamble, further styles are possible. These include (but are not limited to):

natbib styles

Citation commands in Natbib

Through the use of the Natbib package and associated styles, users have more control over citation within their LaTeX document.

citation commands in natbib