Connection files

What are connection files?

Connection files tell EndNote how to connect to databases and library catalogues.

EndNote comes with over 4,000 connection files and University of Melbourne staff and students can use those for publicly available catalogues and databases, for example:

  • The University of Melbourne Library Catalogue,
  • PubMed,
  • Web of Science (on campus only),
  • The Library of Congress catalogue, and
  • Over 2,000 other library catalogues.

You can add additional connection files from the EndNote website.​

Add a connection file to EndNote

Option 1:

  1. Close EndNote.
  2. Download this file.
  3. Right click (Mac users: control + click) on the link to save the file to disk.
  4. Save the file in the EndNote Connections folder on your computer.
  5. PC - C:\Program files\EndNote 20\Connections
  6. Mac – Applications/EndNote 20/Connections
  7. Staff without admin access to their computer (ie University staff) may need to contact ITS to install the file. The file can be saved to My Documents\EndNote\Connections\ without requiring admin access. This file will then be used instead of the file in the Program files directory.

Option 2:

  1. Double-click the connection file to open it in EndNote.
  2. In EndNote, click "File" Menu and choose "Save as".  Remove the word "copy" and click "Save".
  3. Click on "File" Menu and choose "Close Connection".

More connection files:

How to use a connection file

You can connect directly to library catalogues and databases from within EndNote, however in doing so be aware that you won't be able to access the powerful, fine-tuned search options available via database interfaces.

In some instances connection files are the only way to extract citations for your library.

The University of Melbourne Library Catalogue can be searched using a Connection File, this is the easiest way for getting a reference for a book you plan to cite into your EndNote Library (tip search for the exact title of the book or if it has common name do a combination search for the title words and an author name)

To get started with accessing the catalogue from within EndNote:

Go to Tools > Online Search and the Choose a Connection window appears. Choose a library catalogue, then it will appear permanently listed in your side menu bar under Online Search.