Engaging Private Research Agents

I am an interstate or international visitor who cannot visit the Reading Room, can you help with my research enquiry?

Due to a high volume of visitors and requests, Reading Room staff are unable to undertake copying or research on your behalf.

What if I need assistance for a complex enquiry or extended project?

The Reading Room receives research enquiries from all over the world seeking to access the rich and varied collections held at the University of Melbourne. Where researchers are unable to attend the Reading Room in person, they may wish to engage a private records agent or researcher to undertake research  on their behalf. The Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents contains a list of individuals who can undertake private research for a fee, and these individuals would be able to assist interstate and international researchers.

Please note, providing this information does not indicate any form of accreditation or recognition of private research agents by the University of Melbourne. All conditions and service charges must be negotiated directly between the selected private records agent and researcher. It is important that neither the Reading Room nor any of the collection managers are party to any of these wholly private arrangements nor does it endorse or take responsibility for individuals or transactions.

Private research agents are required to abide by the Reading Room rules and request material in the same manner as individual researchers.