Code of Conduct

Reading Room Code of Conduct

Staff and researchers at the University of Melbourne Reading Room (hereafter Reading Room) have a right and an obligation to maintain a safe and positive working environment.

This policy applies to all staff who operate within the Reading Room, and to all researchers who use the services and facilities of the Reading Room. This includes any time spent in the Reading Room as well as digital and telephone communication.

Staff refers to any person employed by the University of Melbourne to work in the Reading Room to provide a service to the researchers.

Researcher refers to any client using the Reading Room facilities and services for their research.

For Staff

Staff will at all times comply with The University of Melbourne’s Responsible Conduct of Staff Policy and Reading Room Service Charter for professional behaviour. Staff will maintain the Reading Room environment to a high standard and demonstrate courtesy, equity and fairness in all interactions with researchers and other staff.

For Researchers

Below are guidelines for expected researcher behaviour when using the Reading Room or its services. Researchers are expected to observe these guidelines and to comply with any lawful and reasonable instruction given to them by a Reading Room staff member. While accessing the Reading Room, researchers must abide by the Reading Room rules.

Failure to comply may result in the loss of Reading Room services.  


The Reading Room, staff and researchers share a responsibility to maintain and preserve the collections.

Researchers must:

  • Always observe manual handling rules.
  • Comply with any instructions given by staff.

Use materials in a manner where the invigilator can view the materials at all times.

Staff will train researchers in correct handling procedures where appropriate and information is available at the Reading Room website.


Reading Room facilities are provided for any and all researchers to access.

Researchers must:

  • Treat the facilities and equipment provided in a manner to prevent harm or damage.

Researchers must NOT:

  • Place feet on the seats.
  • Interfere with others’ use of Reading Room facilities.
  • Bring any food or drink in to the Reading Room.

Wellbeing of Staff & other researchers

Staff and other researchers have a right to a safe workplace, free from behaviour which may cause distress.

Researchers must:

  • Treat staff and other researchers with respect and courtesy.
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure one’s research practice does not impact on other researchers.

Researchers must NOT:

  • Use intimidating behaviour or offensive language.
  • Speak with a raised voice.
  • Harass, bully, discriminate, or abuse a staff member or other researchers.


Staff and researchers are expected to behave in a manner that is not excessively casual or familiar. The Reading Room is a workplace for researchers and staff alike and must be treated as such.

Researchers must:

  • Observe Reading Room procedures.
  • Maintain an appropriate use of the Reading Room service.
  • Follow any lawful and reasonable instruction given by a staff member.
  • Wear shoes.
  • Remove hats.

Researchers must NOT:

  • Attempt to coerce a staff member to waive these procedures.
  • Wear offensive slogans or lewd items of clothing.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

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