Researcher FAQs

Our Frequently Asked Questions may assist researchers using the Reading Room

  • What is the Scholars' Room? Can I access it?

    The Scholars’ Room is an area in the Baillieu Library reserved for the exclusive use of University of Melbourne Scholars, Visiting Scholars and Friends of the Baillieu Library for private study purposes. It is located on Level 3 of the Baillieu Library.

    A key is required for entry into the Scholars’ Room, which should remain locked at all times to ensure only eligible visitors can gain access. Keys can be obtained from staff at the information desk on the ground floor of the Baillieu Library. When obtaining a key, you will be asked to provide a current form of photo identification.

    If the information desk is unavailable for any reason, keys can also be obtained by seeing staff on the reference desk at the Reading Room located on Level 3 of the Baillieu Library. When obtaining keys from the Reading Room, the same procedure as above applies.

    The Scholars’ Room is available for access during the Baillieu Library opening hours.  When you have finished using the Scholars’ Room, keys must be returned to the desk from which they were collected.  Upon returning your key, your identification will be reissued.  Please note that the Reading Room hours differ from those of the Baillieu Library. If keys have been obtained from the Reading Room reference desk, we ask that you please return the key before the Reading Room closes. Please see Reading Room’s opening hours.

  • Can I request photocopies of collection material from the Reading Room?

    Unfortunately we do not provide general photocopy service, however researchers are allowed to use their own portable photographic devices such as phones, cameras and iPad to take images of our cultural collection material for personal study or reference. If you don’t have a device, the Reading Room can provide one - please ask Reading Room desk staff for use of an iPad.

    For more detailed information on copying, high-resolution copying and associated cost, please view our Copying Materials guide.

  • How do I request a University of Melbourne Student Record?

    The University of Melbourne Archives holds student cards for every student who enrolled at the University from its establishment to the mid-1970s. In most cases, the cards record the student's name, date of matriculation, course, subjects studied and mark received, degrees obtained and dates conferred. Due to privacy concerns, cards less than 75 years old cannot be accessed without the written permission of the former student or his/her next of kin if deceased. In such cases, the UMA can confirm degrees conferred and date without permission. Cards over 75 years can be accessed.

    To request student records, submit a request via Aeon. You will need to register first if you do not have an account. Once logged in, select the Student Card Request Form. You will be asked to provide information on the student's name, course they studied, and dates they attended University. Please provide as much information as possible, including approximate dates or different names a student may be known under if applicable. This will assist staff in locating the student card. If the student record can be located, it will be emailed to you. Student records are not sent in for viewing in the Reading Room.

    The student cards are not academic transcripts. For requests for student cards for post-1970s students and University of Melbourne affiliated organisations, such as the Melbourne Teachers College and the Conservatorium of Music, please lodge a request online through Student Administration.

  • Can I view the University Handbook and make copies of subjects or courses I studied?

    Yes, you are able to view the University’s handbooks in the Reading Room and, you are welcome to use your own photographic devices to take images. Please note that the Reading Room does not provide certified copies of the University Handbook. For more information on obtaining official or certified copies, please see our Copying Materials guide.

  • Can I submit my thesis to the Reading Room for depositing in the Library?

    While theses are viewed in the Reading Room, we do not accept any delivery of individual Masters or PhD theses. Please see the Graduate Research Hub for more information on depositing your thesis in the Library.

  • I am unable to visit the Reading Room at the time I requested, can I visit at a later date?

    If you are unable to visit the Reading Room to view collection material at the time you requested, please update your booking request via Aeon. Please note, we only hold material for a limited time. If you contact us after the delivery or hold date has passed, your material may have been returned to the repository. In this case, you will need to submit a new request.

  • Can I donate material to collections through the Reading Room?

    The Reading Room cannot accept any donations to Special Collections, the University of Melbourne Archives or the Grainger Museum collection, unless there has been prior consent given by the relevant curator or collection manager.

    If you would like more information about donating to collections, please see the University of Melbourne Archives website, or contact Special Collections or the Grainger Museum.