Plan Your Visit



To make sure you can get straight to researching when you visit the Reading Room, you will need to plan ahead.

Collection material should be requested in advance of your visit to the Reading Room. As material is stored in a number of locations, it can take up to 10 days for some material to be delivered, so be sure to check the delivery details of the collection you'd like to view.

To make sure you have all the information you need before you visit the Reading Room, view our helpful video guides.

Video Guides

Accessing Material

You can search for material via online catalogues. To learn more about each collection, click here.

Once you have identified the material you'd like to view, requests are made online through Aeon, our online request system.

Make sure you order material in advance of your visit to the Reading Room. Keep in mind delivery times may vary.

Check the delivery time for your material as it varies across collections, and don't forget to check our opening hours!

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Some Helpful Tips

We don't want you to be caught out when you arrive, so keep the following in mind when you visit:

Collections are accessed exclusively in the Reading Room. Materials cannot be removed from the room.

Treat everything with the utmost care, make sure your hands are clean and files are kept in their original order.

You need to sign-in and hand us a valid form of photo ID as you enter. We will take good care of it for you, don't worry.

You are free to take photos with your own device but please avoid flash as the materials can be light sensitive.

Please leave all your bags in the lockers provided. Locker keys are issued at our reference desk, please remember to return them before you leave.

Our friendly staff will assist you with handling material to ensure the collections remain in perfect condition for future use.

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