Southbank Library

The Southbank Library redevelopment project has commenced, with the appointment of Lyons as the architects and principal consultant.


Lenton Parr Library Temporary

November 2018-February 2019

Located on the Ground Floor of the Performing Arts Building, (Entry from Dodds Street), Southbank campus.   See map for location of Performing Arts Building on Dodds St (B789).

The Temporary Library provides:

  • Limited access to the Lenton Parr collection (select books, DVDs and journals)
  • Access to High Use Collection
  • Request pickups from Parkville libraries
  • Print/scanning/copying services
  • Wifi
  • Seating/PCs
  • Loan Services
  • Research consultations with your same friendly staff.

View library opening hours. Enquiries:

Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library and Temporary Visual and Performing Arts Collection @ ERC Level 2, Parkville campus in 2018

  • Library staff to assist with queries
  • Lending Services
  • Pick up Service for books, music scores requested from Southbank
  • Seating with PCs, wifi
  • Copying/scanning service
  • Assistive technology
  • Collections
    • High Use for Parkville based subjects
    • Reference Collection
    • Book Collection
    • Journal Collection including selection of current journal issues
    • Music Score Collection
    • All CDs and vinyl recordings
    • Lenton Parr Library Special Collections (available on request for reading in the Special Collections Reading Room, Baillieu Library)

Location for temporary collections at Parkville

Library hours


As part of the design process, the architects will be actively engaging with academic staff and students to gain a deeper understanding of future library services and student experience.


Communications will be circulated on how you can participate in the consultation process. We anticipate creating a state of the art library, which is purpose built to meet the needs and disciplines of the students and staff who serve as the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music (which includes the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (MCM) and the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)).

Integrated libraries

Currently, there are two libraries supporting the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music – the Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library (LHDML) on the Parkville campus, and the Lenton Parr Music, Visual and Performing Arts Library (LPL) on the Southbank campus.

With the relocation of the MCM to the Southbank campus in early 2019, the LHDML and LPL library collections will be integrated to provide unified collections and consistent services to support the objectives of the Faculty from one site. This will greatly improve student experience, as students will no longer need to pursue resources at both locations. Similarly, researchers will also benefit from the consolidation of collections, and access to expert advice from the team of specialist librarians who will all be located at the one site. The Library consolidation will also reduce operational complexity.


This project is designed to provide additional space at Southbank to permit expansion of space for student study seats and researchers, improved facilities, collections, staff accommodation and access to appropriate technology. When completed the new Southbank Library should occupy approximately 2770m2 of usable floor area based on projected growth in student numbers.

Although the Library will occupy most of the space in this building, the project has a broader vision – to create a central hub for students, fostering community amongst the student cohort at Southbank. It is envisaged that there will be a shared space for a range of student services. This space will provide the student services currently provided by Stop 1 and make provision for other service providers from Academic Services. The colocation of these services within the Library will give them more prominence and also provide students with more coherent access to these services. It will provide an opportunity to examine some options for service delivery in a shared space.

Given the shared aspirations for this redevelopment, the project will be developed in close collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and Academic Services.



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