Veterinary Science Library Werribee

The new Veterinary Science Library is now open within the Learning and Teaching building, completed as part of a major redevelopment project at the Werribee campus.

New library

There is now a new library for the Werribee campus on the ground floor of the Teaching and Learning building. This is an exciting new development for this campus.

The Library has worked closely with the Faculty in relation to the design of this new Library and other learning spaces within the Teaching and Learning building. The new Library is a significant improvement on the previous library at Werribee and significantly improves amenity for students.

There are 94 study spaces - an increase of 24 seats - including 3 project rooms, with one being Zoom-enabled for use by students for video conferencing. The Teaching and Learning building also provides a range of collaborative learning spaces and break-out spaces for students on this campus.

Floor Plans

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