Southbank Library

The Southbank Library redevelopment project was completed in March 2019, part of a major transformation of the Southbank campus.

Southbank Library opening

The new Southbank Library is now open. Formed from the merger of the Louise Hanson-Dyer Music Library and the Lenton Parr Music, Visual and Performing Arts Library it is now one of the largest creative arts libraries in Australia.

The Southbank Library's two significant collections comprise a rich and deep cultural library of resources for staff and students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, who will continue to benefit from the specialist support that our Southbank Library team provides.

Stop 1 - Student Services - have joined the Southbank Library in the Hub Building, with an increased availability of existing student support services and some additional services on offer for the first time at Southbank campus. Find out more about the shared services approach for students.

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