Baillieu library (Level 2)

A redevelopment of Level 2 of the Baillieu has recently been completed in order to upgrade and significantly improve the amenity of this space for students.

There are now 577 seats accommodated on Level 2, an increase of 60 seats with a choice of group, individual and booth-style seating. Almost all seats  have access to power.

Project stages

The construction work has been carried out in 3 stages.

Stage 1: South and central sections

The south and central parts of Level 2 are now complete, with many new, powered seats available for students.

Stage 2: North section

The north section of Level 2 is now complete, offering 200 study spaces and refurbished toilet facilities.

Stage 3: relocation of collections (January - February 2018)

Now complete. New shelving has been installed, and collections in the call number range 400-899 have been relocated to their final positions.

700 collection

Books in the call number range 700 - 799 have been moved back to Level 2. If you need help finding books, please ask at our service desk on the ground floor.


Level 2 Floor Plan (PDF 217KB)

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