The eScholarship Research Centre (ESRC) has formally closed as a University-Level Research Centre

The University acknowledges the significant contribution made by the ESRC to informatics in archival science and digital humanities scholarship since its establishment in 2007, building on a history going back to 1985.

Thank you for your support and collaboration during the ESRC’s years of operation.

Associate Professor Gavan McCarthy will be actively involved in ensuring a number of research programs are effectively transitioned into the research fabric of the Faculty of Arts until the end of the year.  He will continue to engage in academic research into 2021, and beyond, in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne in an honorary capacity.

The University is currently engaged in securing and maintaining scholarly information assets published and produced by the ESRC over its long history. Access to materials currently available online will be preserved but will no longer be updated by the ESRC. If you have an enquiry relating to accessing materials please contact

For further details on support, research collaborators and contact information please visit