East Asian Collection

The East Asian Collection is located in the Eastern Resources Centre (ERC) on levels 3 and 4. The reference and high-use collections are on level 3 and the remainder of the collection is on level 4.


Levels 3 and 4
Eastern Resource Centre 

Floor plan:

ERC Level 4 floorplan (PDF)

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Level 4, ERC Library

Collection code Collection nameDescription
ERC EA East Asian books

The East Asian book collection is composed of Chinese, Japanese and Korean language material. The collection is organised by the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. The three languages are inter-filed in LC call number order

ERC EA f East Asian folio books Folios are larger-sized books which are shelved separately. .
ERC EA gf East Asian giant folio booksGiant (oversized) folios are shelved in a separate sequence. 
ERC EA P East Asian Periodicals (Journals) The journal collection contains items that are cited with a volume number, page number and year. These details are usually essential for locating material.

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