Brownless Biomedical Library Ground Floor


Ground Floor
Brownless Biomedical Library

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Brownless Biomedical Library Ground Floor Plan (PDF)

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Brownless Biomedical Library Opening Hours


Ground Floor

Collection code Collection nameDescription
BioMed Equip Biomedical Equipment at Loans Desk The Biomedical library maintains some pieces of equipment for use within the library that can be retrieved from the loans desk.
BioMed High Use Biomedical High Use Collection Loan period is overnight or 7 day loan according to the catalogue record.
BioMed High Use Large Biomedical High Use Collection High Use Large books (Overnight and 7 Day Loan) are shelved separately from the general high use collection.
BioMed Service Desk Biomedical Service Desk The Biomedical Service Desk collection contains two hour loan textbooks held at the Service Desk.
BioMed STX Biomedical Library restricted stack Books in the STX collection are semi-rare or have special significance to the University. They are held in closed storage and are not available for browsing on the shelves or loan. Items may be viewed but not borrowed. Requests for viewing items from the STX collection may be made at the Service Desk in the Biomedical Library.

Building Number: 182
Campus Map Reference: J 13