Brownless Biomedical Library Basement


Brownless Biomedical Library

Floor plan:

Brownless Biomedical Library Basement Plan (PDF)

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Brownless Biomedical Library Opening Hours


Basement and Ground Floor.

Collection code Collection name Description
BioMed gf Biomedical giant folio The Biomedical giant folio collection consists of very large sized books. They are shelved before the start of the History of Medicine collection.
BioMed H Biomedical History of Medicine The Biomedical library history of medicine collection contains books on all aspects of medical and health care history.
BioMed P Biomedical Periodicals (Journals) The journal collection contains items that are cited with a volume number, page number and year. These details are usually essential for locating material. Current issues are shelved near the photocopy area in the basement. Generally not for loan. Use within library only.
BioMed ST Biomedical stack books The Biomedical library stack book sequence are lower use items that are stored in compactus shelving.

Building Number:182
Campus Map Reference:J 13