Milestones for 2020


By 2020 we will know we’re on track if:

  • Melbourne is known for the quality of its research information environment.
  • Melbourne is known for the depth of its disciplinary research and its innovative interdisciplinary research, profiled through open access to our scholarly output and recognised through improved international research rankings.

Learning and teaching

By 2020 we will know we’re on track if:

  • Our graduates are discerning information seekers, equipped for lives and careers in which knowledge boundaries are permeable and issues of professional practice often require interdisciplinary understanding and knowledge that is rapidly renewed.
  • Our virtual learning environments are easy to use, flexible, personalised, resource-rich, customisable and individualised to meet learning outcomes. Our teaching and learning spaces support different learning styles, pedagogical methods and information media types.


By 2020 we will know we are on track if...

  • Philanthropy and other external funding streams are employed to support strategic initiatives.
  • We are recognised as a leading university, attracting great scholars and building research communities around our special and cultural collections.

Linking the strands -- enablers

By 2020 we will know we’re on track if:

  • Our campuses are defined by discipline-based precincts clustered around a library, learning environments and social learning spaces that support the development of outstanding scholarly communities and facilitate a sense of belonging.
  • We have created a landmark building which appropriately houses and displays many of our research, special and cultural collections, both physical and digital.
  • Our students and staff are able to access scholarly information, technologies and research instruments regardless of location, supporting an integrated approach to engagement in learning, research and knowledge transfer.
  • We have improved the accessibility of our systems and the quality of our support for personal mobile computing.
  • Melbourne is recognised as an international thought leader in the application of scholarly information and technologies to advance research and scholarship.