Planning our Scholarly Information Future

To implement the Scholarly Information Future strategy the University Library uses four levels of planning and reporting. Our decisions are guided by the 11 principles articulated in the strategy.

The Five-Year Strategic Implementation Plan is derived directly from Melbourne's Scholarly Information Future.

The Strategic Implementation Plan summarises broad areas of change and development over several years. It offers a high-level roadmap of activities designed to ensure we achieve the eight aspirations articulated in Melbourne's Scholarly Information Future.

The Strategic Implementation Plan is reviewed biennially.

At the start of each calendar year senior staff in the Library review the proposed activities for the next 18-24 months and develop them into a detailed operational plan. This becomes the Library Plan.

For each activity in the Library Plan an individual manager or director is nominated to coordinate work and report on results. Progress is reviewed twice per year.

Next, teams within the Library develop detailed operational plans for each workgroup. These are based on the Library Plan and may also incorporate operational targets for established services and activities.

Local operational plans provide a framework for individual performance development plans.