To advance Melbourne’s position as a leading research institution we will seek to:

1. Provide an outstanding information environment that facilitates creativity and the development of critical thought and knowledge.

2. Disseminate the University’s scholarship widely, inviting local, national and international collaboration and communication.

Learning and teaching

To enhance learning and teaching at Melbourne we will seek to:

3. Equip our students with the critical, ethical and practical capabilities to effectively use scholarly information.

4. Equip our staff with the resources, capacity and skills required to create learning experiences of the highest quality.


To distinguish Melbourne through its engagement activities we will seek to:

5. Create opportunities for members of the University community to become actively engaged in creating and managing the University’s scholarly information environment.

6. Unlock the potential of our unique scholarly collections to stimulate engagement between the University and its communities.

Linking the strands -- enablers

Overall, we will seek to:

7. Create physical environments that support the development of scholarly communities and facilitate a sense of belonging.

8. Provide an information environment that is distinguished by ease of use, equity of access, quality of content and richness of possibility.

9. Engage in advanced scholarship in information practice, using this to inform the development of our information partnerships, services, systems and infrastructure.