Services for Academics - Business Economics Library Team


Services we provide for academic staff

The Business Economics Library team, based in the Giblin Eunson library, comprises five experienced Business and Economics Librarians.
We provide a range of services to assist academic staff:

Embedded training

* We can provide research and database training within each subject, or more general research training
* We can liaise with academics  to create opportunities to run training in their classes in an embedded context.
Please contact Trent email : Phone:8344 9715

Interactive modules

* We can produce interactive training modules for academics
* We can provide advice to academics on producing these modules.
For enquiries about interactive modules please contact Bernard email : Phone 8344 49857

Online research guides

* We can produce research guides for research tools, databases, freely available material and our commercial databases
* These can be specific to a subject for assisting with its teaching. They can be discipline based, or focus on a particular research objective.
Please contact Aimee email : Phone 8344 9715

Harvard Business Publishing resources (Content that can be used to teach)

* We can provide gateway access to over 30,000 online articles, cases, eBooks, teaching notes and interactive simulations
* Teaching staff register for an Educator Premium account, then order access to selected material via email to library staff, who will then create links to material which can then be embedded in the LMS or via Readings Online.
For information on the requesting process, please consult the Harvard Business Publishing Staff user guide
For requests contact Harvard Publishing
For other enquiries contact  Ben email : Phone 9035 4164

Research Data Management

* We can assist academic staff with managing their research data, specifically assisting with datasets, archiving and accessing
For queries about Research Data Management, please contact Kristijan email : Phone: 9035 9965

Publication and Journal Metric Reports

* We can generate citation reports for an academic’s published work
* These can cover a range of databases that publish citations
For queries about publications and journal metrics, please contact Kristijan email : Phone: 9035 9965

Reference Management Instruction (Endnote/Zotero)

* We can run sessions on both EndNote and Zotero, and provide endnote support
For queries about Reference Management, please contact Bernard email : Phone 8344 49857

Researcher Profiles

* We can establish researcher profiles for academics (Orcid, SSRN, Google Scholar etc)
For assistance with setting up researcher profiles, please contact Kristijan email : Phone: 9035 9965


* We can access CURF microdata and make it available to interested parties
* We also process requests for CURFS via the ABS website
For other enquiries contact Ben email : Phone 9035 4164


* We will purchase academic recommended books for the library
* We can also organise trials of databases and journals.
For any purchases, contact Bernard email : Phone 8344 49857 

Registration of Faculty Database Accounts SIRCA, WRDS & ABS MICRO

* We will register personal staff accounts for these databases
For enquiries contact Ben email : Phone 9035 4164

Faculty Librarian contact:
Bernard Lyons
Business and Economics Librarian  8344 9857