Micro-story Competition


1ST PRIZE Victor Hu: The Fish-men

2ND PRIZE Lily Laycock: Wisteria

3RD PRIZE Andreas Katsineris-Paine: The Monster which Haunted Belle Tarney

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners.

All current University of Melbourne students are warmly invited to write a gothic-themed micro-story and enter a competition associated with the exhibition Dark imaginings: gothic tales of wonder currently in the Baillieu Library using the form below.

The challenge is that you have just 300 words (or less) to tell your story (excluding title). While the exhibition focuses on the gothic from c 1750 to 1900, you can interpret the word “gothic” freely and choose any setting you wish

Professor Peter Otto, an expert on gothic literature, and Dr Elizabeth MacFarlane, Head of the Creative Writing program (both from the University of Melbourne) have generously agreed to judge the shortlisted entries. There will be prizes for all the winning stories and they will also be featured in Farrago magazine.

Entry Form