High Use Collection

Students - Find set texts and recommended materials

How to find in the catalogue

  1. Search the Library Catalogue for recommended titles
  2. Or search the catalogue by subject code or subject name

Items in the high-use collection have the location UniM ERC Open High Use. Media items are held behind the service desk. Items at this location display as UniM ERC Library Use or UniM ERC Service Desk on the library catalogue

How to borrow

  • The collection is located on level 3 of the Eastern Resource Centre.
  • Items must be borrowed to be taken out of the high-use room using the self-checkout machine provided or at the Service Desk
  • Items are generally available for 2-hour, 3-hour or Overnight loan as indicated on the catalogue, but always check your receipt when borrowing. Fines apply for overdue items.
  • Overnight loans are due the following day, before the library closes. If the library is closed due to a public holiday or similar, the book will be due the next day of opening
  • Only staff and students of the University of Melbourne may borrow from this collection


Arrange for material to be placed in high use

Please email us with the items you would like to have included in the ERC High Use Collection ensuring that the following information is included:

  • The details of material required including the date of publication and any other relevant information
  • The subject for which material is required
  • The approximate number of students enrolled
  • Whether the text is recommended or essential (this will determine the number of copies purchased and the loan duration selected)

For general information about high-use collections or to arrange for material to be placed in the high-use collection at another branch: https://library.unimelb.edu.au/high_use_collections

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