When considering digitising materials, it is vital to understand whether this is consistent with the rights of potential copyright owners – and take steps to ensure compliance.

The University Digitisation Centre requires that anyone seeking to use our services understands the status of their project in relation to copyright and where necessary, supports their request with appropriate documentation.

When using our self-service facility or for general digitisation work, the requestor must complete a copyright declaration before digitisation commences:

Copyright declaration form (PDF 48KB)

You can digitise or request digitisation services if:

  • You own copyright in the material and hold all the necessary rights to it, including the rights to use copyright material created by other people included in the work, such as extracts or images
  • The University owns copyright in the material and it will be used for University purposes or the University has granted me permission for my intended use
  • The material is out copyright
  • The material is being used for teaching purposes as permitted under the Part VB Statutory Licence and the intended use meets all the requirements of the licence
  • The material is being used for my own research and study as permitted under Fair dealing for research and study
  • At the request of a library user for their research and study purposes under s49 or s51 and all the requirements of s49 or s51 have been fulfilled
  • The material has been licensed under Creative Commons or similar open licensing scheme.
  • For preservation or other purposes as permitted under s51A and all the requirements of s51A have been fulfilled.
  • The material is being digitised to assist a person with a disability
  • The Copyright Office has determined that the intended use is covered by s200AB
    Permission has been granted by the copyright owner or rights holder and evidence of the permission can be provided on request.

For more information visit the Copyright Office