Research Data Curation

Our Research Data Curation service provides researchers with a process to consider their data needs for current and prospective use, focusing on consultation and solutions for improved access, data protection, citation and documentation.


The Research Data Curation service at Digital Scholarship aims to promote an ongoing, structured process for capturing and providing stewardship for research data records for as long as they are required to satisfy corporate, policy, social and cultural requirements.

Data curation is the “active and on-going management of data through its lifecycle of interest and usefulness to scholarship, science, and education” through activities that “enable data discovery and retrieval, maintain quality, add value, and provide for re-use over time.” [ref.]

Our data curation methodology is researcher-centric and follows a five-step approach (pictured).

Research Data Infographic

Data Curation Services

We offer expert advice and solutions to researchers for a variety of data curation needs, including:

  • Requirements capture that is tailored to the specific nature of the data, the project and the research domain.
  • Fully documented Data Curation Profiles, which provide guidance and insight into managing research data.
  • Advice and guidance for completing Data Management Plans.
  • Curatorial solutions for presentation, dissemination and security of research data; accessioning, organisation & cataloging; data citation and discovery; forensic analysis; and preservation planning and action.

Research Data Consultation

To book a Research Data Consultation and discuss your data curation requirements, please contact us to arrange for an appointment.