Lonely Planet Collection

Across Asia on the Cheap,
Lonely Planet, 1973
Reproduced with the
permission of Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet Collection comprises a complete set of all publications by Lonely Planet, the Australian travel publishers. Consisting of some 1,300 volumes in total, the collection includes every edition of every item published from 1973 until 2006, commencing with Across Asia on the Cheap (1973) and including the various sub-series: city guides and maps, food guides, language guides and phrase books, travellers' tales etc. Most items are in mint condition and some include annotations for projected revised editions.

The development of Lonely Planet can be traced though the collection, as well as the publication of increasingly specialized guides for countries and regions. Early guides covered wider geographic regions, while guides to individual countries appeared as the company expanded.

The collection has considerable research value, particularly for the growth of tourism since the 1970s. Individual volumes are also of interest in researching changes in political and social structure since publication.