Bellinghausen-Natouralis Papers

This collection comprises the papers (including correspondence), photographs,  prints and ephemera of brothers Vladimir and Rostislav Bellinghausen-Natouralis.

The majority of the records in the collection were created by Vladimir (Waldemar) Frantsovich Bellinghausen-Natouralis (1885-1973) and his younger brother Rostislav Bellinghausen-Natouralis (1900-1986). Vladmir lived in Brazzaville (former Belgian Congo) and worked for RĂ©gie Industrielle des Mines de Kilo-Moto, a Belgian company involved in gold mining in the Congo region of Africa, before moving to Australia around 1956. Many stateless Russians immigrated to Australia after the Second World War fearing persecution if the returned to Russia. Vladmir Bellinghausen-Natouralis died in Sydney in 1973. Rostislav Bellinghausen-Natouralis lived in Paris before moving to Australia in around 1957 and worked as a cleaner for government and corporate employers. Collection also includes material relating to George Natouralis, son of Rostislav. The significance of collection is based on the fact that these men were Russian immigrants to Australia. The two brothers were also great-grandsons of Captain Faddei Faddeevich Bellingshausen (1778–1852), eminent Russian explorer, however, none of the material in this  collection is connected to Captain  Bellinghausen.

Collection includes correspondence, family photographs, legal documents and ephemera. Records document life of Russian immigrants before and after moving to Australia. Collection also includes Russian and French military medals c.1890-1945 and three photo albums given to Vladimir F. Bellinghausen-Natouralis in France before he came to Australia. Also included is a interview on cassette tape with Rostislav Bellinghausen-Natouralis conducted by Professor Hotimsky in 1982.

Access and Availability

This collection is not catalogued online.

Material may be accessed through the Cultural Collections Reading Room in the Baillieu Library. Requests for material can be made online prior to visiting the reading room. To request material, please register and order here.