Choral Ode from Goethe’s Faust (Part II, Act III)


M-H 4/2-1

Bound full score. Composer’s autograph with possibly another hand. 26.75cm x 33.25cm x 1.25cm in a hardboard and beige linen cover. The front cover is embossed in black: ‘Choral Ode.’ Two endpages and 103 paginations in pencil through 108 pages (54 sheets of score paper). 18-stave score paper used, imprinted ‘B.C. No.5’ on a lyre emblem. Black inked score. The first recto is inscribed in the composer’s hand: ‘Choral Ode from the “Helena” of Goethe. Set to music by G.W.L. Marshall-Hall. Composed for, and dedicated to the Melbourne Liedertafel. 1898.’ The first verso is inscribed ‘G.W.L. Marshall-Hall. “Easterton” Parkstone Dorset. Available copies: 2. Full scores; 2. PF & vocal scores; 1. chorus-master’s score; Orchestral parts Chorus  do. (c/o A. Schulz-Curtius Esq. 44 Piccadilly Circus).’ These are no longer all present in the collection. The score then begins. The text of the chorus appears in English and in German. Page 1 is headed in pencil: ‘Choral Ode.’ The work is scored for: flauti, oboi, clar. B, fagotti, 4 corni F, 2 trombe C, 2 ten. Trombe, brass tromb and bass tuba, timpani (E-flat, F-flat, G), violini, viole, coro (Soprani, Alti, Tenori, Bassi), celli e c. bassi.

M-H 4/2-2

Piano and choral score of Choral Ode from the ‘Helena.’ Autograph piano and choral score in a manila folder, the pages folded but not bound and in two sections. Paginated to 40 where the first section ends and continuing in the second section from 41 to 48. These are preceded by 2 unpaginated sheets (4 pages) of which the first recto is occupied by the inscription: ‘Choral Ode from the “Helena” (Faust Part II. Act III of Goethe. Set to music by G.W.L. Marshall-Hall. Composed for and dedicated to the Melbourne Liedertafel.’ The second verso is inscribed ‘‘G.W.L. Marshall-Hall. Easterton. Parkstone. Dorset.’ These inscriptions resemble the composer’s hand on the first recto, but the unevenness of the style puts this matter in doubt. The inscription on the second verso is more certainly Marshall-Hall’s signature. The score ends with 2 unpaginated sheets (4 pages). The final verso contains pencilled workings, minus the implied treble clef, of a single melodic line, partly accompanied by English words.

12-stave score paper imprinted ‘B.C. No.2’ with lyre emblem. 34.25cm x 27cm x 0.5cm. Black inked score. Page 1 is headed: ‘Choral Ode from “Faust” Part II Act III by G.W.L. Marshall-Hall.’ The text is given in English and German as an underlay to the choral section. Black inked alphabetical rehearsal cues occur throughout. This score and the two scores which are here indicated as M-H 4/2-3 and M-H 4/2-4 are held within a general manila folder inscribed in pencil in Percy Grainger’s hand: ‘Marshall-Hall. 3 vocal scores of Choral Ode (The “Helena,” Faust II Act III) (MSS).’

M-H 4/2-3

Chorus Master’s score of Choral Ode. A manila folder containing the choral sections with piano cues of the Choral Ode on 10-stave score paper without imprint in 10 paginations. The 5 sheets are held in a brown paper cover, now torn at the left edge, the back missing, and inscribed ‘Choral Ode. G.W.L. Marshall-Hall.’ At the base of the cover at the right corner are the words ‘Chorus Master.’ Text underlay in English and German. 32.5cm x 26cm.

M-H 4/2-4

Piano and choral score of Choral Ode. A manila folder holding a black inked autograph score in two sections of score paper of differing sizes: 1) paginations 1 to 32. 12-stave score paper imprinted ‘Austral No.3: in a circle. 26.5cm x 34.5cm; 2) paginations 33 to 46 with seven additional pages partially occupied as indicated below. 31cm x 23.5cm. Imprinted ‘A & Co M’ on a 4- bell emblem with No.1 below and the bells tied. Page 1 is headed ‘Choral Ode. From Faust 2nd Part. Act III. G.W.L. Marshall-Hall.’ The score is not in the composer’s hand.