Am Grabe Anselmo’s

M-H 4/5-1

A torn brown paper cover holds both the full score and the orchestral parts. The cover is 37cm x 28.75cm. It is inscribed on the front of the cover ‘Am Grabe Anselmo’s’ in black ink. Two stamped addresses occur above this, one over the other. These read ‘The Conservatorium of Music Melbourne. Albert St. East Melbourne,’ in purple, over a fainter stamp ‘The University Conservatorium of Music, Victoria Street Carlton.’ The contents are then listed at the right lower corner of the cover ‘l Score’ (written in pencil) and under this (in black ink) ‘4 Viol I, 4 Viol II, 2 viola, 2 V’cello, 1 Basso, 1 Flauto, 1 Clarinetti, 1 Oboi, 1 Fagotti, 1 Corni. 18 parts.’ The full score consists of 4 sheets (8 pages). Black ink composer’s autograph. 15-stave score paper once the upper halves of 30-stave score paper. No imprint. Unpaginated. The first recto is headed ‘Am Grabe Anselmo’s’ and holds the same stamped addresses as above. The text is in German. The work is scored for voice, flute, 2 hautboys, 2 clarinets in A, 2 bassoons, 2 horns in E, strings.

M-H 4/5-2: 1 to 18

Orchestral parts.12-stave score paper with the imprint ‘B.C. No.2’ on a large emblem. 27cm x 34cm. All bear the above title and the same stamped addresses as for M-H 4/5-1. None are given a heading which includes the composer’s name. The lack of a signature on the full score and the lack of a composer’s name on the parts casts some doubt on the author-ship of this work. Parts present: 4 first violin parts, second violin, 2 viola, 2 violoncello, 1 double bass 1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 clarinet, 1 bassoon, 1 French horn.