Symphony - E-flat Major


The  archive consists of:
M-H 2/2-1—An autograph manuscript full  score.
M-H 2/2-2—A published full score.
M-H 2/2-3—A piano reduction for four  hands in 3 copies.
M-H 2/2-4—Orchestral parts for the  complete symphony.


  • M-H 2/2-1—An autograph manuscript full score

    MS full score of the  Symphony in E flat. Composer’s autograph black inked score. The artifact is in  three sections, each containing one of the three movements of the symphony.  These sections consist of unbound folded score paper separated at the movement  divisions. Each section is 33.5cm x 38.5cm x 1cm. A cut-down 21-stave version  of full score paper has been used throughout. No imprint. The first recto is  signed and dated: ‘Oct 29, 1903 GWLMH.’ The score is singularly unmarked.

    The first  section, holding the first movement is paginated 1 to 57 with a blank verso and  a blank leaf i.e. 30 leaves (60 pages). Pagination in this and in Section Two  occurs on the recto only in the uneven number sequence. The second section,  holding the second movement is paginated 58 to 88 which has a blank verso i.e.  16 leaves (32 pages). The third section, which holds the third movement, is not  paginated. It consists of 22 leaves (44 pages).

    The scoring  indicated is for: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets in B, bass clarinet in B, 2  bassoons, 4 horns in F, 2 trombones, tenor trombone, bass trombone, bass tuba,  4 timpani, strings.

    First movement, Vivace. The first recto contains a pasted over re-notation section covering the  upper half of the page. It is on this that the dating occurs. The first  movement ends at p.57.

    Second movement, Largamente. Begins at p.58. At p.66 under the score is written in ink: ‘E che  lo movo peregrin d’amore Punge [? pange], se ode squilla di lontano, Che paia  il giorno pianger che si more.’ The movement ends at p.88. The verso contains a  pencilled sketch for a re-working of part of the second movement, the location  of which is not clear.

    Third movement, Allegro con spirito. At the unpaginated p.38 of this section the score peters  out for 9 bars which are blank. It resumes at p.39. The movement ends at p.45.

    The inner brown  wrapping paper present around this artifact is inscribed ‘Marshall-Hall:  Symphony in E flat.’ Full score (MS) 2 arr. for piano (printed). The latter  works are not present in the bundle but are in the collection as separate  items. Also present with this artifact are xeroxes of the first movement p.1 to  6.

  • M-H 2/2-2—A published full score

    Published full score of  the Symphony in E flat. Publisher: Paris Co. Berlin. 157 pages. 34cm x 27cm x  1.25cm. An autograph/photocopy process, hand engraved; marked on the 1st recto:  Paris & Co. Berlin N.58. The front cover, now loose, is inscribed in  pencil: ‘Per Sir Jas Barrett. 14/6/39.’ The first recto also bears the printed  inscription: ‘Dedicated to my friends and comrades under the Southern Cross.’  This is the only English used as the rest of the score is rendered in German.  Blue and plain pencilled markings throughout are in Marshall-Hall’s hand,  indicating that the score was used at rehearsals by him. Notation is corrected  in pencil throughout, again in Marshall-Hall’s hand. At pp.99-100 the score has  been cut and re-pasted together to effect an amendment to the music sequence.  The scoring differs slightly from M-H 2/2-1: 2 flutes, piccolo, 2 oboes, cor  anglais, 2 clarinets in B, bass clarinet in B, 2 bassoon, 4 horns in F, 2  trumpets, 2 tenor trombones, bass trombone, bass tuba, timpani and triangle,  strings. The movements are divided as follows:

    1—VIVACE, pp.1-60.;

    2—LARGAMENTE, pp.61-94;

    3—ALLEGRO CON SPIRITO, pp.95-157.

  • M-H 2/2-3—A piano reduction for four hands in 3 copies

    Published 4-hand piano  reduction of the Symphony in E flat. Publisher: Breitkopf and Hartel. Page 2  holds the following inscription at the base of the page: ‘stich und druck von  Breitkopf & Hartel in Leipzig. Klav. Bibl. 24944. Copyright 1905 by  Breitkopf & Hartel. Auffuhrungsrecht Vorbehalten.’ The work is headed at  the (p.2) Secondo and (p.3) Primo parts with the title in English and German  and the inscription: ‘G.W.L. Marshall-Hall fur klavier zu 4 handen von Edvard  Scharf.’ 71 pages. 34cm x 27cm x 0.5cm (not including the depth of the hard  cover which is not present for M-H 2/2-3:3, and M-H 2/2-3:3. The hard board  cover holds a design in green and purple. Engraved score. 12-stave score paper  with double (piano) bracing. A rendition of all 3 movements is present.

    M-H  2/2-3: 2 A second copy of M-H  2/2-3: 1.

    M-H  2/2-3: 3 A third copy of M-H 2/2-3:  1.

  • M-H 2/2-4—Orchestral parts for the complete symphony

    M-H  2/2-4: 1 to 105    Orchestral parts of the  Symphony in E flat. 12-stave score paper imprinted ‘Bell Brand No.3(a)’ used  throughout. Roman numerals are used here, as in the original MS to indicate a  part for the first, second, or third movement. All movements are represented.  The original order of the artifact has been retained. Present are:

    InstrumentsMovt IMovt IIMovt III
    First violin766
    Second violin756
    double bass333
    First flute111
    Second flute and piccolo101
    First oboe111
    Combined oboe010
    Second oboe and English horn100
    First clarinet001
    First and second clarinet120
    Bass clarinet111
    First bassoon011
    First and second bassoon100
    First and second French horn101
    First and third French horn010
    Second and fourth French horn010
    Third and fourth French horn101
    First and second trumpets111
    First and second trombones111
    Bass trombone111
    Bass tuba111