Symphony - C Minor

The  archive consists of:
M-H 2/1-1—A bound full score MS  autograph of composer.
M-H 2/1-2:1 to 30—Orchestral parts for  the Adagio (2nd movement) of this symphony.


M-H  2/1-1

A full score of the  Symphony in C minor, bound in green leatherette. Composer’s autograph, 48.25 cm  x 38.5cm x 1 cm. Embossed in gold on the spine: SYMPHONY. Black inked score.  The front end page suffers from foxing. A large rectangle has been cut from the  centre, possibly to remove a newspaper clipping once pasted there as the shape  suggests. The edge to centre of this page is torn through. The endpage, also  foxed, is blank. There are 54 pencilled paginations of 30-stave score paper.  i.e. 27 leaves. No imprint. The first recto is inscribed: ‘Symphony. Vivace’  and is signed: G.W.L. Marshall-Hall. The first movement, Vivace, ends at p.20.  The second movement, Adagio sostenuto, begins at p.21 and ends at p.30. Pages  31, 32 are blank. The third movement, Allegro, begins at p.33. The score ends  at p.53 where it is signed: ‘G.W.L. Marshall-Hall Dec 1892.’ The work is scored  for 2 flutes, 2 hautboy, 2 clarinets in B, 2 bassoons, clarinet ‘played as  written’, 4 horns in F, 2 trumpets in C, 2 tenor trombones, 2 bass trombones,  tuba, kettledrum, strings.

M-H 2/1-2: 1 to 30

A  manila envelope 30cm x 40cm contains a manila folder holding orchestral parts.  Two types of paper are used: (a) Possum Music Paper l.A. Smooth Finish, a  12-stave paper 31.5cm x 25cm; and (b) a larger format paper without imprint  34cm x 27cm, also 12 stave. Present are: 4 first violin parts, 4 second violin,  3 viola, 3 violoncello, 3 double bass, 1 first flute, 1 second flute, 1 oboe, 1  clarinet, 1 bass clarinet, 1 first and second bassoon, 1 first and second  French horn, 1 second and third [sic]  French horn, 1 trumpet, 1 first and second trombone, 1 tuba, 1 kettledrum.