An Idyll

The  archive consists of:

M-H 2/7-1—A full score.
M-H 2/7-2—A second full score.
M-H 2/7-3—Orchestral parts.


  • M-H 2/7-1

    Full score of the  orchestral work, An Idyll (here spelt Idyl).  Bound in navy leatherette. Black inked score. Party autograph of composer,  partly by a copyist. 38.5cm x 49cm x 1.5cm. Two blank front endpages, the  second mended across the recto with brown paper. Two blank endpages blank. 51  paginations. 30-stave score paper. No imprint. First recto inscribed ‘An Idyl for  orchestra by G.W.L. Marshall-Hall. Dedicated to …’ (the dedication is not  filled in). The spelling of the name: IDYL is variously spelt in M-H 2/7-2 and  in the orchestral parts, M-H 2/7-3: 1-46. The base of the first recto is  inscribed ‘(the more important modifications of Tempo are marked in the score,  the lesser nuances however being left to the discretion of the conductor.)  G.W.L. M-H.’

    The work is  scored for: 3 flutes, 2 hautboys, English horn, 2 clarinets in B, bass clarinet  in B, 2 bassoons, bassoon, 4 horns in F, 3 trumpets in C, 2 tenor trombones,  bass trombone, contrabass tuba, harp, 2 pair kettledrums, cymbals, strings.

    The score has  been drastically re-worked throughout. The score ends at p.5l. The verso is  inscribed ‘G.W.L. Marshall-Hall. Melbourne Victoria Australia.’

  • M-H 2/7-2

    An unbound full score of  the orchestral work An Idyll.  30-stave score paper. Black inked score. Composer’s autograph with some  markings in another hand. Bound at left edge in brown paper, now decayed. 33  black inked paginations and a system of deleted pencilled pagination.

    The first recto  is inscribed in pencil: ‘IDYLL (Full Score).’ (This spelling differs from that  of M-H 2/7-1, as do the orchestral parts, M-H 2/7-3:1-46 which are erratic in  usage). Part of a signature in pencil can be seen where the upper right hand  corner has been torn off. Substituted in black ink is: ‘By G.W.L.  Marshall-Hall’ which starts off across the page. The left base edge of the  sheet is also torn off.

    The score  following appears to be an amended version of M-H 2/7-1, and therefore is of a  later date. The score ends on the unpaginated verso of p.33. The blue ink  writing ‘By G.W.L. Marshall-Hall’ is not in the composer’s hand. It is not  dated.

  • M-H 2/7-3: 1 to 46

    Orchestral parts for An Idyll. Some parts are on 12-stave  score paper imprinted ‘B.C.’ on bar with lyre motif and ‘No.29’ below. Others  are on a slightly larger 12-stave paper. The parts are drastically corrected  and pasted over with deletions and additions. All hold the red stamp of the  Grainger Museum.

    Present  are: 7 first violin, 6 second violin, 5 viola, 6 violoncello, 3 double bass, 1  first and second flute, 1 third flute and piccolo, 1 first and second oboe, 1  English horn, 1 first and second clarinet, 1 bass clarinet, 1 bassoon, 1 double  bassoon, 1 first and second French horn, 1 third and fourth French horn, 2  first and second trumpet, 1 third trumpet, 1 first and second trombone, 1 bass  trombone, 1 tuba, 1 kettledrum, 1 cymbals, 1 harp.