String Quartet - C Major

The archive consists of:

M-H 3/3-1—A full score of the second movement.
M-H 3/3-2—Violin and cello parts.


  • M-H 3/3-1

    Second movement, known  as ‘Fugue-like movement’ because of its inscription. A manila folder 23.5cm x  30.5cm is inscribed on the cover in Percy Grainger’s hand: ‘Fugue-like movement  for String Quartet [sic] E Minor with  a poem on back ‘Where from the Tree-tops.’ Score only.’ Within the folder is a  MS of eight pages on12-stave score paper, imprinted ‘Acme P & W.’ Folded,  black inked score.  The first unpaginated  recto holds the inscription ‘Largo con molto sentimento’ and the faded word  ‘Movement.’

    This is the full  score (for 2 violins, viola and cello) of the Quartett in C Major’s second  movement, which is in E Minor. No full score of the three movements of this  quartet is present, but the parts extant for first violin and cello (see below)  confirm this as the full score of the central movement, the Largo  appassionato—E Minor, in a highly chromaticised working of the key.

  • M-H 3/3-2: 1 to 2

    1st  violin and cello parts. Manila covers 25.5cm x 32cm contain the same  inscription on the outer rectos: ‘String Quartett. Vivace. Largo Appassionato.  Allegro molto. G.W.L. Marshall Hall’ (no   hyphen). Both are stamped in an oval on the cover, the first and last  pages with an oval design within which is printed: ‘Music Copyist. Allans,  Collins St. J W Grainger, clarinet’ [this copyist was not related to the  composer Percy Grainger]. The 1st violin part, M-H, 3/3-2: 1, and the cello  part, M-H 3/3-2: 2, both contain corrections in Marshall-Hall’s hand.