Subscriptions Analysis and Review


The Library conducts ongoing analysis of our subscription holdings, to identify titles for potential cancellation. Cancellations are necessary for the sustainability of the Materials Vote (the budget used to fund purchases for the collection) and provide capacity to purchase new databases and subscriptions that may become available.

The cancellation principles and consultation process we follow are outlined below. If you require further information please contact Robert Hamilton, Manager Collection Development and Maintenance.

Cancellation Principles

Potential cancellations may be identified by:

  • Low usage over the last two years
  • High cost per use in the current year
  • Duplicated availability and coverage in other sources
  • Not being aligned with current teaching or research requirements
  • Contributes to a teaching or research subject area with a large number of existing resources

Consultation Process

  • Databases, journal packages and titles recommended for cancellation will be listed on this site during a designated period of consultation.
  • Lists will be assigned a formal consultation period however feedback on potential cancellations is welcome at any time
  • Each new list will be advertised appropriately, dependent on the expected scope of impact. This may include University News, consultation by your Faculty or School Librarian or relevant social media channels.

Review Lists

Review PeriodConsultation End DateReport
March 202130 April 2021Recommended for Cancellation
March 202130 April 2021Review of subscriptions with no usage