Subscriptions Analysis and Review


The Library will be conducting an ongoing, rigorous, analysis of subscriptions holdings, particularly electronic databases, to identify titles for potential cancellation. Cancellations are necessary for the sustainability of the Materials Vote (the budget used to fund purchases for the collection) and to allow us the capacity to purchase new databases and subscriptions that may become available. Pressure on the Materials Vote is not likely to diminish in the foreseeable future. This budgetary pressure is caused by a combination of exchange rate fluctuations, particularly between the Australian dollar and the United States dollar, price rises and cost saving measures required by the University.

The process we follow is outlined below. If you require further information about a particular title that is recommended for cancellation, or more details on the process in general, please contact Ailsa Dott, Manager Collection Development and Analysis (x45531)

We would like to thank everyone in the University community who has contributed their feedback and expertise to date and greatly appreciate your continuing input.

Analysis Process

  • Databases with high percentage of duplicated titles identified
  • Usage in the last two years analysed
  • Cost per use for the last year calculated
  • Availability and coverage of duplicated titles in other databases analysed

Criteria used to identify databases to cancel

Criteria used to identify databases to cancel - high cost per use, low usage, availability and coverage in other sources

Consultation Process

  • Databases, journal packages and titles recommended for cancellation will be listed on this site on an ongoing basis
  • Each new list will be advertised via University News, your Faculty or School Librarian and the Library Twitter feed.
  • Further information and analysis is available on request. Contact details are included with each list.
  • Lists will be assigned a formal consultation period however feedback is welcome at any time

Review Lists

NameReview PeriodConfirmed CancellationsFull Report
Subscription Analysis 2016September 2016PDF DownloadPDF Download