Services to other libraries

Making a request for a loan or copy

We accept loan and copy requests from libraries, commercial and government organisations within Australia and internationally. Most material held by the University of Melbourne Library can be requested. In many cases, 'not-for-loan' material can be copied on your behalf.

Requests for loans and copies from Australian and overseas libraries can be made via the following methods:

  1. Libraries Australia Gateway (LADD)
  2. OCLC (WorldCat Resource Sharing)
  3. Institutional request form Only registered libraries can request via this link

Register with us

All requests must comply with the Australian Copyright Act of 1968. If you require a copy of any material held by the University, please include this copyright statement on your request: "This request complies with S50 of the Copyright Act, 1968"

University of Melbourne theses

We do not lend our theses via inter-library loan however, you can get access to either free public access digital copies or you can request to have a digital copy made of a hard copy thesis from our collection. We don't handle these requests but here is some advice on how to proceed.

The best way to work out how you can access a thesis is to check our online catalogue. When you look up a title and it is held in our institutional repository you will be able to connect to the record in the repository by clicking on the 'Connect to thesis' link.

Access varies depending on the specific thesis and the permission specified by the author. Theses availability is indicated in the 'Access Status' field of the thesis record. The standard access messages include:

  • Open Access - Access to the full text of this thesis is available online.
  • Only available to University of Melbourne staff and students - Access to the full text of theses is only available to staff and students of the University of Melbourne.
  • No attached file available - Access to the full text of this thesis is restricted. It can be viewed on a read-only basis within the Baillieu Reading Room on a specified device under Library staff supervision.

If the thesis you require is restricted in some way (i.e. not open access) you can request to read it in the Reading Room if that is an option for you. There is a yellow icon on the right-hand side of the catalogue record if you wish to request to read a thesis in the Reading Room.

If there is no public access version available you can request for a copy to be made for you at a cost of $100+GST per thesis.

Request a copy of a thesis.

Find out more about the Reading Room.

Service levels and costs to Australian libraries

We supply items according to the Australian Inter-library Resource Sharing (ILRS) Code.

(processed within 4 days)
(processed within 24 hours)
(processed within 2 hours)
PhotocopyUp to 50 pages $16.50$33.00$49.50
Additional 50 pages or part thereof $4.00 $4.00 $4.00
LoanBook or microform$16.50$33.00


*You organise a courier to collect the item at your expense.

Please note - Express service is only offered for material from the Baillieu and Biomedical libraries.

Service levels and costs to overseas libraries

We supply to overseas libraries upon request. Please allow between 2 and 4 weeks for delivery.

The costs are:

  • for loans - $35.00 USD or 3 full IFLA vouchers.
  • for copies - $18.00 USD or 1.5 IFLA vouchers.

Payments for requests made through OCLC WorldShare will be billed via OCLC IFM where possible. For requests made by all other methods we prefer payment in IFLA Vouchers, however, we will accept credit card, cheque or money order if vouchers are not available.