New for undergraduates - you now have access to millions of articles by online request!

Our inter-library services are available to University of Melbourne staff and students. We help you to access books, journal articles, and other resources which are not available in our library collections. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Is it available in our collections or databases?

    Search our online catalogue and BONUS+ or use Discovery to locate materials we have access to.

    BONUS+ is a reciprocal book sharing program which provides access to over 7 million titles for free. Request via the green button on the catalogue record.

    Don’t forget about our databases. For example, are you aware you can search for newspaper articles via Factiva?

  2. Search Google. Have you searched online?

    Authors and publishers sometimes make their work available for free. If it is available for free online, you may be able to access to it immediately.

    Tip: If you find an article you need and you hit a paywall, you might be able to access full text through the Library. An easy way to access all of our e-resources, without being forced back to Discovery or the Library website, is to download our Lean Library browser extension.

    Download Lean Library

    Find out more about search tools and apps

  3. Place your request

    Submit a request via our online request forms. Choosing the correct form for each request can avoid delays.

    Tip: The more information you provide the better and the more likely it is that we can get your item quickly. Please include the ISBN or ISSN if you have it.