Paying fines

Where and how to pay

Pay in the library

You can pay your fines by EFTPOS or credit card at the service desks in the Baillieu, Law, Giblin Eunson, ERC and Southbank libraries. Please note that we do not accept American Express, Diners Club cards or cash.

It is not possible to pay fines at Burnley, Creswick, Dookie or at the Architecture, Building and Planning library. Users at these libraries can either pay online or visit one of our other branches.

Pay online

Log into your account and pay your fines using your credit card (we do not accept American Express or Diners Club).

Log in to your library borrowing record

Special circumstances

If you were sick or there were other special circumstances related to the accrual of your fines you can contact us and we may be able to waive your fines.  We require you to submit a medical certificate or other documentation to support your claim. If you do not have any other documentation we also accept statutory declarations.

Fine transaction requirements

  • You must keep your fines under $25 to avoid library suspensions and student administration restrictions.
  • Transactions must be $25 or more.
  • Each fine is itemised and must be paid in full.

Tip: As long as the transaction amount is $25 or more, you can select just those fines that will reduce your balance to under $25. Eg. If you have a total of 3 $15 fines, you can select to pay just 2 of these. This will reduce your balance to under $25 while still meeting the minimum transaction requirements.

Fine Rates

You will incur fines at the following rates if you do not return by the due date.

Loan type Grace periodFirst fine rate Second fine rate Maximum fine possible
2-3 hour No$2.50 per hour for the first two hours Then $1.00 per hour


Overnight No$5.00 per day n/a $100.00
2 day No$1.50 per day n/a $15.00
7 day 3 days$1.50 per day n/a $15.00
28/90 day 7 days$0.50 per day n/a $15.00

Grace period

If you have a 7 day loan, or a 28 day loan item that has reached the autorenewal limit and is now overdue, we give you a grace period where you won't be fined if you return the item. After the grace period has elapsed, if your item is still overdue you will be charged the full fine amount from the time the item became overdue. The fine is calculated when you return the item.

Viewing the amount of fines you owe in the catalogue

The amount shown in 'unpaid fines and bills' doesn't include partial fines for books you still have on loan.

To work out the amount you owe so far, add together the amounts listed next to each item further down the screen. Then add that to the total in 'unpaid fines and bills'.

Viewing the amount of fines you owe in my.unimelb

Fines are only shown in the student portal once overdue items have been returned. It does not show the amount of fines accruing on overdue items.