Library services for academics

Expert librarians provide a range of services for academics, in areas such as:

Research Support

  • Online database expert searching
  • Strategic publishing, repository and open-access publishing
  • Research profiles and impact metrics for grant applications
  • Keeping your research up-to-date
  • Research data management
  • Reference software
  • Information resources (print and digital collections)

Learning & Teaching

  • Embedded programs for classes, subjects, or courses to develop students’ scholarly and digital literacy skills
  • Academic content for MOOCs and Graduate Online Melbourne
  • Scholarly and digital literacy skills to match professional requirements and graduate attributes
  • Information resources (print and digital collections)

Each Faculty and School has a team of librarians dedicated to working with academics to achieve their learning and teaching goals. Teams are headed by the Faculty or School Librarian who is responsible for ensuring alignment between the needs of the Faculty and library services.

Liaison Librarians are available for subject-specific enquiries.

In addition to the Library's services, make the most of the other experts at the University who can enhance your role at the University.