Epic and Divine: Dante's World

Illustration of a group of large mythical figures, chained to rock and looking on mortals below.
Gustave Dore, Canto XXXI, The Titians
  • Exhibition

Epic and Divine: Dante’s World is a celebration of the life and works of Dante Alighieri. Drawn from the University of Melbourne’s Archives and Special Collections, it will showcase rare books, artworks and other materials that explore Dante’s seminal poem The Divine Comedy, its context, themes and ongoing influence. Included in the exhibition will be works by such noted artists and authors as Sandro Botticelli, William Blake, Gustav Dore, and Salvador Dali – and local, contemporary artists such as Sydney Nolan, Bruno Leti and Angela Cavalieri. Epic and Divine will take audiences on a journey from hell to heaven, through medieval Europe and the modern world - beginning online, and reaching its end at the University’s Noel Shaw Gallery in the Baillieu Library.