Preselection Speech

Transcript of Preselection Speech

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Mr C[hairman] and L[adies] + G[entlemen]
There are two reasons I want to stand for this seat. Ever since I can remember I have thought the S[ocialist] theory an unhappy one and in these last few years we have all been given cogent arguments against S[ocialism]. It is the universality of the theory which leads to its application in inappropriate cases that does the harm. The chaos & disillusion the Atlee [sic] government left in post war England is hard to believe. Not only were efficient industries broken up but both previous owners and employees were left dissatisfied. The workers had agitated supported S[ocialism] for 50 years. The L[abor] P[arty] had said if you put us into power that we may nationalise then the industry will be yours and all your troubles will be over. Well the industry is Nationalised & the worker fortune is unchanged. He still has no share in control or in profits. The two things he most wanted are the two things he most wanted [because] of this the worker is left dissatisfied. He has │
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followed worshipped a false god  & he has no other God to follow.

The L[abour] P[arty] in Australia has furnished its social reform in Australia, when next it gets to power, the impetus of its own constitution will assuredly drive it to Nationalisation. We cannot expect the people here to have learnt from the failure in England.

I bitterly oppose S[ocialism] but opposition to [a] [hatred] [of] a doctrine is not enough to drive one a few me into a life long career. There must be the other side. I could not enter this fight v[ersus] S[ocialism] if I did not love Australia, if I did not think she had a great industrial as well as agricultural future. One is the complement of the other & each provides market for the other. It is not the greatness of this country in terms of power, productivity & population but in terms of individual people, the people I work with at home & the people I meet and see in Casterton. Each man from the street cleaner to the industrialist behind a rich desk has │
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an equal right to a full and happy life. Each one has an equal right to go his own way unhampered so long as he does not harm our precious social framework. My wish that men may continue to enjoy this right is the real reason that urges me to enter a lifelong fight v[ersus] S[ocialism] and I feel that this fight is worthwhile [because] of the unique and individual characteristics that I find in every person.

Although W[annon] is at the moment held in Labor hands I believe it can be won but I cannot win this seat without your support. The strength of the L[iberal] [and] C[ountry] P[arty] at all times lies in the branches. Votes are won for the L[iberal] [and] C[ountry] P[arty] by the action of our men in Parliament by the character + ability of the candidate but more important than these is the strength and enthusiasm of the branches. It is to the branches here and everywhere to fire the liberal ammunition that our people in power give us (& the actions of this last gov. does not leave us in short supply e.g).

It is for the candidate a member to work with & thru [sic] the branches not just before │
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election but at every possible moment during the 3 yrs that each may give strength + enthusiasm to the other.

L[adies] & G[entlemen] whatever the outcome of your verdict I am looking forward to this fight & if necessary I am prepared to devote every moment of my time getting to know the great and diverse interests in this electorate and in visiting every home from the moment the Convention doors close.

L[adies] & G[entlemen] I thank you for this.