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Germaine Greer on the LIFE magazine cover on May 7, 1971
Germaine Greer on the LIFE magazine cover on May 7, 1971. Inside, LIFE promoted the feature by saying that Greer wanted to “liberate women from the ‘slavery’ of traditional marriage and motherhood”. Picture: Vernon Merritt III/The LIFE Premium Collection/Getty Images


Lilith: A Feminist History Journal, No. 25, November 2019: 76-[92], Intersectional feminist friendship: Restoring colour to the second-wave through the letters of Florynce Kennedy and Germaine Greer,  by , Rebecca J. Sheehan

The Conversation, Why Germaine Greer’s life in letters is one for the archives, 1 November 2013, by Dr Katrina Dean

Pursuit, Life of the party, 7 December 2015, by Dr Rachel Buchanan

Pursuit, An explosion of radical ideas, 21 March 2016, by Dr Rachel Buchanan

The Conversation, Friday essay:How Shakespeare helped shape Germaine Greer’s feminist masterpiece, 27 May 2016, by Dr Rachel Buchanan

Shakespeare 400 Showcasing Germaine Greer’s Shakespearian Scholarship, 2016, by Dr Rachel Buchanan

The Guardian, Germaine Greer’s archive: digging up digital treasure from the floppy disks, 5 August 2016, by Kate Stanton

The Age, International Women's Day 2017: secrets revealed in Germaine Greer's archives, 3 March 2017, by Gina McColl

The Conversation, Friday essay: reading Germaine Greer's mail,  24 March 2017, by Lachlan Glanville

Pursuit, Five things about ... The Germaine Greer audio archive, What is it like to have one of the greatest feminists of the 20th century in your ear?, 26 July 2017, by Kate Hodgetts

The Conversation, Why it's time to acknowledge Germaine Greer, journalist, 8 January 2018, by Dr Rachel Buchanan

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Archivaria: The Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists, 2018, 85 pp. 124 – 154, The Iran Album (1974): Some Sleeve Notes, by Rachel Buchanan

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Mindswap: the Female Eunuch Index cards, 24 February 2016, by Dr Rachel Buchanan

'Well Hello Machine': Timecoding audio in the Germaine Greer Archive, 26 October 2016, by Kate Hodgetts

"A library is a pleasure dome...": Germaine Greer and libraries, 21 August 2017, By Sarah Brown

Hexed - discoveries and challenges in archiving born-digital records, 28 November 2017, By Lachlan Glanville


ABC Radio National Drive ‘The Drawing Room’, 12 May 2016 Will the real Germaine Greer please stand up?

ABC Radio 'The Conversation Hour: Germaine Greer', 10 March 2017

ABC Radio 'Sunday Afternoon, presenter Jacqueline Maley talks with Archivist Lachlan Glanville on the correspondence series', Broadcast 2 April 2017, Published 27 March 2017


The Policy Shop The hidden crime - domestic violence

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Five Things About Germaine Greer's audio recordings


Video: Germaine Greer meets the Archivists, 8 March 2017, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre, University of Melbourne


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The Female Eunuch first draft

The Female Eunuch editorial

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Germaine Greer's Shakespeare: early writing

Germaine Greer speaks at the opening of the 'Protest! Archives from the University of Melbourne' exhibition at The University of Melbourne Library 20/02/2013

'Milk - Nice Time: Outtakes, featuring Germaine Greer and Kenny Everett, 1969'.Germaine Greer Collection, 2014.0041.00001

Ethiopia in the Germaine Greer Archive